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Balance for a healthy life. Health

Women have always had a fundamental role in society. At first very anonymous, but little by little they fought to get the recognition they so deserved.

Increasingly, women are better prepared and they are in important and influential positions, without neglecting their role as the central pillar of the family.

The dynamism in which women find themselves today is so great that it can sometimes be difficult to strike a healthy balance between working in a successful profession.

Also to satisfy the demands and necessities of family and, in addition, to be in an optimal physical and emotional state where beauty and health prevail.

Many times, they may feel overwhelmed and a little out of control in relation to their personal care. This is extremely important to feel good emotionally and with a high degree of confidence.

It is, therefore, necessary to achieve balance and practice efficient use of time in order to ensure the space they deserve to take care of themselves, show their beauty and feel as good as they do in everyday life.

Nutrition, the key to a healthy life

Beauty and health always go together. A healthy woman can have radiant skin, strong hair and nails, and a balanced body.

In addition to following a good nutrition plan, rich in fruits and vegetables to get the antioxidants, vitamins and calories needed to combat cellular ageing.

They are also going to provide us with the nutrients that are essential for their sustenance. In Crea Tu Cuerpo you will learn everything about proper nutrition.

Although the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet are widely known. It can also happen that, due to time management, this important aspect of health is neglected.

This happens if you tend to prepare fast dishes rich in fats and carbohydrates that affect both silhouette and general health.

The best premise to adopt is to prepare meals that are practical but also rich in protein and vegetables.

In addition, include snacks of delicious nuts or fruits accompanied by yoghurt at snack time to avoid the consumption of fatty foods. There is no nutritional benefit from these.

These foods increase levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, affecting arterial health over time.

Fitness and Training

In Crea tu cuerpo we use one of the greatest strategies that can be applied to stay fit and feel healthy, developing a physical training routine.

Training definitely allows you to lose weight and shape. In addition to occupying the mind in something pleasant away from the stress of everyday life and set goals that tend to strengthen one’s motivation.

Unlike most people think, establishing a fitness routine can be quite straightforward if you set aside at least 30 minutes a day for that purpose.

It all depends on how well you know about physical activity.

However, among the simplest and least impactful sports activities that can be performed are yoga, pilates and open-field jogging.

It is more than proven that practising any of these physical activities generates a satisfying feeling.

Also relaxation in people who do it, as they relieve stress, in addition to toning the body and help weight loss.

When it comes to women who already have experience in exercising a sport, it can be quite satisfactory to practice disciplines such as CrossFit, swimming or athletics.

This undoubtedly promotes the development and toning of the body, as well as good cardiovascular health.


One thing that stands out in most women is the desire they have to always show their beauty.

From wearing a good set of clothes to having perfect makeup and nails, to having radiant hair, all this is essential for women who are at the forefront today.

Without any doubt, being beautiful implies considering the aforementioned aspects, but, although these are important for this purpose, they are not the only variables that affect feminine beauty.

As mentioned above, beauty also depends on the nutritional aspect, because creating a slim and healthy body is part of eating right.

In Crea Tu Cuerpo we give you the best beauty tips. That said, it’s important to find time to take care of yourself.

Go to the parlour to have your hair touched up, make an appointment at the spa to enjoy a relaxing massage.

Finally, you can also use part of your income to buy good makeup and some other garment that can emphasize you are natural beauty.