Having a perfect body in a short time can be achieved if you propose 3 TIPS to get a woman’s perfect BEACH BODY.

Perfect body? Am I getting a desirable body? Can I get it? The answer is YES!!.

We all dream what it would be like to have a perfect body in no time. We came to think that the celebrities we see on TV or in movies were born that way.

You have to know that it’s not like that. You can get that perfect body in no time, whether you are an adult or teenager, but there is a previous job — a balanced diet and exercise.

The body is something that you cannot change from one day to the next, but we can implement certain habits that in a short time, will bring us closer to our goal.

Now, What do I do, first of all, we have to establish those habits that make us reach that perfect body we want.

You have to be steady, without obsession, not fail in your diet; if you do, you can lose in a short time what you achieved.

How to achieve a perfect body according to our weight

If we’re overweight

You can get the perfect body even if you are overweight

If we are in this situation, we must lose weight, and the first thing we have to do is weigh ourselves on a scale to see our starting point to achieve the perfect body we want.


Once we have done it, we will calculate the calories we have to eat daily to lose weight in a short time and doing it correctly.

You can calculate it on the Harris-Benedict calorie calculator, which gives you the most approximate result of the calories we need.

Then we must stick to the daily calories that it tells us, never exceed them. We can calculate this with tools such as MyFitnessPal, where you can know the calories in each food you eat.

To lose weight quickly, you can eat any food, as long as you do not exceed the calories you need. We recommend eating healthy foods for faster and more assured success.

skinny and chubby girls

We are too skinny

First of all, you have to know that to get a perfect body, and you need to gain weight. But not in any way, I shouldn’t stuff yourself with burgers and pizzas.

You can achieve it, but in a much more expensive and slower way, our metabolism would not react as well as if we ate healthy foods.

In a short time you would gain a lot of weight, but mostly fat and our dream of a perfect body would go away.

even if you are skinny, you can get the perfect body

Again I recommend you go to the calorie calculator and see what you need to gain weight consistently.
I also recommend that you eat healthy foods and introduce them in MyFitnessPal, there will give you the exact amount of calories you are eating, and in a short time, you will notice a change in your body.
You have to know it’s going to be a little hard, sometimes you’ll have to eat without hunger, but it’s worth it.
Finally, tell you that when we reach the weight we want in a short time, we will have to use the calorie calculator again.
At that point, we’ll see if we have to raise them or maintain them.

Techniques to stay on a diet

tips to stay on diet

A woman does not need to fast or deprive herself of her favorite foods forever to show that she has willpower.

Willpower means following healthy eating habits and slimming techniques that help us instead of punishing us in our efforts to lose weight.

As we introduce changes in our eating habits, the level of motivation will increase, which is normal. On the other hand, there will be low moments, and then it will be when you need to put into practice these recommendations that will be very useful to you:

Nutritional techniques to achieve a perfect body

tips for a perfect diet
  • Don’t trust your bath weight too much. It is necessary to distinguish between the importance of water and the influence of fat. A kilo or two can be due to the H20, and perhaps tomorrow, it will disappear. Don’t let yourself be disappointed by a false alarm, to the point of abandoning your diet. Base your slimming on the clothes you wear and the percentage of fat you lose, especially if you’re training muscles weigh more than fat.
  • Water is the best friend of the diet, so drink it. It will give you a feeling of fullness, help you disappear the feeling of hunger, and protect you against dehydration. Many people don’t drink too much water because they are afraid of retaining it and gaining weight. However, every day we lose about two glasses of water through sweating, another liter through the elimination of waste products, and another glass by merely breathing. It is essential to replace this liquid for the body to continue its functions normally.
  • Change your eating habits. Diets do not have to be unbearable. Try to replace the feeling of lack of food, whether real or imaginary, by sensory stimuli, try to make the place where you eat is pleasant. You must surround yourself with colors, music, and light. Paint the kitchen. Stick a funny poster on the refrigerator door. Buy plants or flowers, and place them on the dining room table.
  • Try to satisfy your appetite by adding herbs or spices to your food. You’ll soon forget you’re counting calories. Try to use your inventiveness: add spices to the chicken, fish, cinnamon to carrots, nutmeg to low-calorie cheese, curry to vegetables.
  • Transform your fear of diet into low-calorie gourmet cuisine. Cook the fish with white wine (the heat will evaporate the alcohol, maintaining the flavor use mushrooms and tomatoes to prepare high-calorie sauces for meat and fish. Take chicken without skin or bones, seasoned with lemon juice. Prepare a delicious pâté with low-calorie cheese, garlic, and parsley, mixing the ingredients in the mixer.
  • Celebrate your weight loss with gifts: for example, buy that watch you wanted, or try a new car; buy a treat, or maybe the clothes you like.
  • If you cheat yourself while dieting, try to control yourself by following these tips: 1) Learn to forgive yourself; 2) Try to make those tempting foods disappear; 3) Replace them with low-calorie, tasty meals.
  • Take time. Study the cause of your weight problem, and then turn negative feelings into positive feelings. The leading cause of gluttony is psychological and emotional stress. So be careful, watch your health, and improve your body!

It is essential to go to the gym

Join the gym

First, we want to tell you that in the gym, you have all the tools you need to shape your body the way you want.

We always recommend a combination of bodybuilding exercises with other cardio exercises. What do we get out of this?


First of all, while cardio exercises help you burn calories and lose excess fat in no time, weights help us turn our bodies and get those curves that are so flattering.

Consult your gym monitor for the most appropriate routine for your goal of achieving a perfect body.

Finally, if you’re going to join the gym and don’t know how to get started, we tell you everything you need to know in our article “Routine for Beginning Girls in the Gym.”

In a short time, you will be able to achieve that beautiful woman’s body that you desire.

Take the right food to get the physique we want, cooking for a perfect woman’s body

Eat healthy food for a perfect body


Whether our goal is to lose weight in a short time or gain it, proteins will help us with both. You can not achieve a perfect body without them.

Proteins for getting the perfect body shape
Protein foods

We find them in meats, fish, and eggs.


healthy fats
Healthy fats

Yes, they are indispensable for our organism and with more reason, if we want to lose weight in a short time. They help us to speed up our metabolism and make our whole body work better.


Fat is essential if you want to get the perfect body. We recommend olive oil, avocado, and nuts.


verduras para un cuerpo perfectovegetables for a perfect body

They are very vital for our organism because they give us vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They also help us fill up more quickly, which is very necessary if you want to lose weight in a short time.

We recommend broccoli, spinach, cabbage, onion. In short, all these vegetables will help us to achieve a perfect body.


carbohydrates for a perfect body

You can find carbohydrates in cereals (rice, wheat, etc.), potatoes, carrots, etc. We recommend these foods if we want to gain weight in a short time.

We do not have to abuse them because carbohydrates, when metabolized, our body converts them into glucose. Sensitive people to glucose should moderate their intake.

Gaining weight with these foods helps us shape and turn our physical, which is another way to get the perfect body that we dreamed of.

Example of diet to get a perfect body



(Never skip it). That is what I recommend:

  • One banana
  • 2 to 4 eggs passed through water, with only one yolk.
  • Two pieces of wholemeal bread.
  • 1 or 2 glasses of defatted milk. One cup of cereal with fiber.
  • One vitamin-mineral supplement.


It doesn’t matter if you do it in the morning or the afternoon.

One large protein shake (protein powder mixed with defatted milk or water). 1 or 2 pieces of fresh fruit.


  • Salad with soft dressing.
  • 100 to 150 grams of lean meat (chicken, turkey, or veal fillet).
  • 1 or 2 slices of whole wheat bread,
  • One small piece of fruit.
  • A glass of skimmed milk.


  • Fresh vegetables.
  • Fish, chicken, or turkey without skin.
  • 1 to 3 cups cooked rice or potato.
  • Mineral water.


  • Fruit.
  • Protein shakes.
  • Skimmed yogurt.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages

don not drink spirits

Not drinking alcohol is basic because alcohol has a lot of empty calories that our body can’t take advantage of and stores them in the form of fat.

Alcoholic beverages also damage our liver, which has to work excessively to metabolize these substances.

It also slows our metabolism, and this makes us gain in a short time the weight we had managed to lose. Slimming and getting a perfect body will be an impossible mission.

You have to do exercises to have a perfect body.

you can get the body you want
With a little exercised, you’ll look like this.

The most crucial part of getting a perfect body is food, as we have seen in the previous sections. This way, we will obtain our ideal weight. We would only need to form it and shape it to our liking. We can only achieve this if we properly exercise our body.

Also, we always recommend that you attend a gym, where you will have all the necessary tools to exercise your body correctly. Here is a guide to toning up your physique in the gym in an optimal way.

However, if you don’t want to go to the gym, you can work out at home in an entirely reasonable way. We also leave you another very complete guide for you to train at home with optimal results.

We also leave you a video with a routine that you can do at home to tone and shape your body.



perfect body

With these tips, you will see how to have a perfect body in no time. Only by having a little discipline, willingness to achieve it, and attitude will you make it.

In our article “How to have a model body”, we also give you exercise routines to get the physique you dream of.

To finish, I want to tell you if you are a little lazy, I recommend a Guide of tricks to lose weight effortlessly that will also be useful.

you can look like this

Cheer up, and YOU CAN DO IT!

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