stubborn fat cells, remove them

What causes stubborn fat?. What is Stubborn, localized fat?, how to remove it

Stubborn Fat Cells? Many times we make diets to lose weight, we maintain a daily exercise routine and we can see almost perfect results.

After losing a lot of weight, we find a fat that whatever we do, does not end up disappearing.

That stubborn fat cells in the body are sometimes very difficult to eliminate.

Body fat is normally a source of energy, it protects us from the cold in winter.

This is why in many countries where the winter is very strong, it is customary to eat foods high in fat to maintain body temperature and energy during the day.

There’s more than one type of fat

Not all the fat cells contained in the body is bad, it has the function of maintaining energy and temperature in your body.

stubborn fat cells, types of fat

In the whole structure of the body we have several types of fat, they are:


Essential Fat

This fat is the minimum that your body must have for the protection of the brain, organs and nerves. As you can see, it’s an essential fat, you can’t lose it. In women there is 9% to 10% of that fat, while men have 3% to 4%.

Brown Fat

This fat is what keeps the body warm, and for this, it burns energy. It is activated when it is cold, this is why when it is very cold there is still some heat inside the body, and is that this fat is protecting us from it.

Visceral Fat

This fat is the one that accumulates around the organs, hence its dangerousness, because many times they hinder their functions. But it is a fat that can be easily eliminated with an exercise routine, much better than with a diet.

Intramuscular Fat

This fat is found between the muscles supplementing glycogen as an aid to muscle cell energy. It’s also a type of fat that you can easily get rid of if you follow an exercise routine.

Subcutaneous Fat

This fat is what you have all over your body, as it is under your skin. Its distribution will depend on the sex and genetics of the person. This is the famous rebellious fat that costs so much to eliminate.

Eliminating Stubborn Fat

eliminate stubborn fat

The fat that you have accumulated and does not want to disappear is always located.

Generally, the abdominal area is an area that accumulates fat and costs a little more to remove. That’s where you get those famous ‘tyres’.


Another very common area is at thigh level, where cellulite mainly accumulates.

To eliminate this persistent fat you must prepare an exercise routine and a good diet to lose weight.

Methods that can also help you eliminate it.

When persistent fat is low, you can remove it quietly at home, for example, if you havecellulite, there are very effective creams for it.

you can use creams

There are those with heat effect, which stimulate blood circulation and those with cold effect, help with fluid retention and swelling.

It is recommended that you apply it in the morning after taking a shower and at night before going to bed. You should apply enough to cover the entire area you are going to treat.

Also, there is another technique that is to wrap the area to be treated with algae, these are astringent and will make your skin smooth and beautiful, while helping to eliminate accumulated fat, especially cellulite.

You can also apply localized exercises, that is, special exercises for those areas where you need to eliminate stubborn fat.


Exercises for the abdominals are the most common, then there are exercises that help tone the legs, especially the part of the thighs.

You can use appliances if you like, but you don’t have to.

One of the things highly recommended to eliminate this persistent fat, is to use the services of a beauty center, there you can opt for manual massages.

you can remove the fat with localized massages

In addition to being very relaxing, they help to stimulate the affected areas and thus be able to eliminate fat.

When you massage the part of the abdomen, it helps the stomach to perform better and eliminate the toxins it accumulates.

The fat that accumulates is eliminated and, when you relax, you will not have stress that causes an increase in the production of cortisol, a hormone that allows the accumulation of fat.

When the fat is denser you have massages with devices such as lipo massage, radio frequency and cavitation.


Others such as non-invasive medical treatments, mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, candle shape, coolsculping and ultrasound liposis.

Then, you can find surgical treatments, which should be the last option, such as liposuction.

as a last resort, you can have liposuction.

Tricks you can use to eliminate persistent fat

Drink a lot of water. In addition, before breakfast, you can drink a glass of water with 3 drops of lemon.

Thus, this is depurative and will help you prevent many diseases, as it alkalinizes your body and you will lose weight progressively.

You can increase the amount of meals per day, make 4 or 5 meals, of course without increasing the amount of food.

This will help you not to be so hungry at the time of it and so you won’t be snacking between meals.

You avoid the anxiety it gives, which will make you relapse and start eating the wrong things while it’s lunchtime.


Don’t skip any meals, remember they’re very important.

Breakfast every day no later than one hour after waking up.

The brain starts checking where the body lacks energy and starts burning good fat to generate energy, so you have an hour, before the brain starts consuming the fat it shouldn’t be.

Finally, include in your diet fiber, fruits, whole grains and fresh vegetables, have a lot of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants beneficial to your body.

remove localized fat

In summary, with these tips you will get rid of the stubborn fat that you thought was impossible to eliminate.

You will also see that losing weight and maintaining your ideal weight is possible.