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Reduce your appetite, don’t eat compulsively

How to stop hunger?

Is it sufficient to stop eating to lose weight? Surely you have heard or deduced that the most obvious method to reduce is to stop eating, but is it true? Is it healthy for our bodies? Can we continue to maintain a healthy and desired shape by reducing hunger? Stay and learn all about this! In this new article, we will respond to these concerns and let you know the best way to reduce the appetite to lose weight? 

For more than obvious reasons, when we eat a lot of food, we gain weight, in the same way, it happens in the opposite direction when we eat little we tend to be thin. Weight is not an indicator that you are eating too much or too little; something that most people think, this is not so and is a complete mistake. Weight is the reflection of the amounts of fat that your body is accumulating within your shape. The fat accumulations are responsible for you to start losing a desirable body and change to have a completely different one. 

We can start by implementing small (but beneficial) habits like, for example:

  • Reducing the portion, we put on our dish gradually (a little each day)
  • Use smaller plates (this will give us the feeling that we eat more quantity)
  • Intermittent fasting (essential). Beginning to practice this eating pattern will help us to reduce appetite gradually.
  • Do not go shopping on an empty stomach (always eat before). It seems silly, but eating before going shopping avoids us catching whims.

These steps to starting reducing hunger will be a big step forward. But in this article, we are going to do a very in-depth analysis of how to effectively begin reducing our appetite.

Before, we have to have a more in-depth knowledge of our body and our metabolism. Not all of us have the same organism! Like every living being, we are influenced and dominated by our metabolism, the metabolism will be who rules our wholesome lives, and it is who decides if we are thin or obese. But how do we know what kind of metabolism we have? It’s quite simple!

 How to know my metabolism in order to know how to satisfy my appetite

types of female metabolism, reduce hunger

As we said before, we have three (3) metabolic types: Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph, each of them will tell us what kind of consideration we should have to achieve our desired body.

If you are Ectomorphic, it means that you are slim; or you tend to be thin. That is why your food intake will not influence your body. No matter how much you eat, you will continue to maintain your shape. However, gaining muscle will be painful because your body doesn’t do habitually such routines.



If you are Endomorphic, it will be easy for you to visualize it. Its level of obesity characterizes this metabolic type. You tend to gain fat very quickly or very easily, which is why you must be careful when eating and what kind of food you eat. You will end up delaying everything you want in the end!

For the Mesomorphic, their ability to gain and develop muscles will be an effortless task; compared to the other two types. That is the level we all want to achieve. A detailed and desirable physique for everyone! The Mesomorphic type is the one that usually has athletes. 

We give you more complete and detailed information about these metabolisms in the article “How to lose weight without exercising.”

Nature usually gives us these three (3) types, do not necessarily mean that we can only get them by it – also by changing our daily food routine!

To do this, you need to see what kind of food you are eating daily. Believe it or not, the foods you least thought could affect your shape are the ones that change you the most overtime!

What do we mean by that? Well, if you think eating ice cream or a small chocolate bar won’t make you change anything. You’re wrong! If you’re Endomorphic, significant in volume, the calories you’ll be giving to your body will be big enough to increase your pounds in only a few days. 


On the other hand, if you are Mesomorphic, eating these types of foods will change your metabolic type! You will move from Mesomorphic to Endomorphic in a matter of months! So beware, if you want to get or keep that shape, try to reduce your consumption of unpleasant foods to your body.

Now, knowing all that, we ask ourselves:

Is it reasonable to get rid of hunger to lose weight?

Is it good to reduce appetite?

Like everything in life, too much is neither good nor bad. Everything must be perfectly balanced! It’s true that if you don’t eat, you start to lose weight. But how true is it? Remember that this doesn’t mean you should stop eating everything you find; instead, you should know what things you can and can’t eat. 

Usually, we link weight to calories; calories are the main characters that make us gain or lose weight, but why? Well, they’re the energy mechanism that drives your body to accumulate or lose fat – calories are the energy your body needs! Imagine a gas tank for a car; for it to work, it needs the fuel needed for it to work. 

This fuel is in a container that holds it; the more significant the box, the more fuel it can keep, but what if the amount of fuel you intake influences the container? That is, the more fuel it grows and expands, while the less fuel, the less it decreases and decreases. 

Just like a balloon when you supply it with water. That’s your body! If you give it a lot of calories, it expands and grows. While the fewer calories, the less it decreases and decreases. Your stomach is the tank that holds all the fuel your body needs to work. With this in mind, we ask ourselves: 

What is hunger?

What is hunger?

Hunger is the sensation your body gives you when there is a shortage of food in your body. 


By nature, all living beings are conscious; we suffer from hunger, but one thing must be clear. Not only starvation can occur over a long period without food, but it can also happen on high levels of pleasure in the brain. 

Hunger is an indicator that connects your stomach to your brain; that indicator warns you when there is a lack of supply to your body. Just like the gas tank for the car! However, this meter can be influenced and controlled by pleasure. That’s right!

If you are someone who enjoys eating high levels of sugars and fast food, every time your stomach digests, which happens after two (2) or four (4) hours, your brain will demand more of these supplies to appease the pleasure sensation. 

As is already frequent in our articles, the answer about whether to stop eating to lose weight will depend.

Staying hungry isn’t bad!

Is it good to reduce hunger?

Hunger is designed to warn you when your body needs an amount of food to produce energy and maintain its proper functioning. However, the body can withstand long periods of fasting. What is fasting? It is the time when you do not eat anything. 

Like hunger, the body also possesses among its abilities; Autophagy, what is this? Autophagy is your body’s ability to burn off all the extra calories your body has accumulated. 

Just like large animals do when they winter, they ingest a large amount of food and then fall asleep. That is so that the body absorbs all those accumulated fats and supports sufficient energy to continue its functioning. 


For more information on this, you may want to visit our other article about Autophagy in Intermittent Fasting.

Why am I hungry so often?

Why do I starve so often?

First visualize what type of metabolism you have, if you are an Ectomorphic; no matter how much food you supply to your body, you will always be eager to continue consuming more! That is because your body is accelerated, it burns calories and fat very quickly, and for that, you need to be able to keep it at that level. 

The same goes for the Endomorphic type, no matter how hard you try to satiate your body. You’ll always be hungry! 

Endomorphs brain is accustomed to it and focused on the constant consumption of food; especially those who burn a high level of calories; this is for a simple reason. Both your body and your brain adapt to the things you frequently do! 

That means that with more food, your brain will create a habit and ask you to supply your stomach with that same amount of food. 

Have you ever eaten ice cream, chocolate, or a specific dessert that amazed you? You’ll probably want to eat it again and again – it’ll create an endless chain!

Your body and mind will become addicted to that specific food and will want to consume it more and more frequently. To do this, you must be careful about what kind of food you are eating. 


For the Mesomorphic type is a different case to the previous ones. This type is the athlete and the toned body that you want so much. But it is influenced by the Endomorphic, which unlike the Ectomorphic if you eat many foods with large amounts of calories and fat, you will go from having that type to one of the Endomorphic kind, i.e., an obese body and large volume. 

But don’t worry! There’s something you may not know. Several foods will make you lose weight! In other words, several types of food won’t make you suffer from hunger. 

Twelve healthy foods to satiate your appetite and lose weight! 

satiating and healthy food to fight hunger

When we think of food, we probably think of it as being associated with gaining or losing weight. However, if you eat one of these foods frequently, you will gain or lose those weight you want!


We scientifically know that eggs do not fatten or attach to weight gain to any great extent. However, this only applies to people who have a large mass or body fat in their bodies.

If you’re thin or Mesomorphic, you don’t have to worry! Eggs are delicious and healthy, and have a lot of energy that will help you stay active and fit! We recommend combining eggs with bread and a little cheese, an exquisite breakfast, or dinner! 


Avocado is a highly caloric food; if you want to increase your weight a little; however, it has a contrary effect on obese people or Endomorphic type.

It brings significant benefits to lose weight! That is because it has a glycemic control index that controls the level of calories it spreads throughout your body.


According to studies, eating at least one avocado a day reduces the appetite by 40%. Amazing!


Apple is one of the best-known fruits in the world. It is the protagonist of all fruits and healthy foods. And how can we deny it! It has some high vitamins and natural chemicals that help your body stay healthy; its natural sugar level is powerful enough to soothe your cravings for this consumption.

Aside from that, studies reveal that eating apples increases your metabolism, making you digest much better and more adequately.


Oats are considered one of the best cereals in terms of food; they give you all the energy your body needs for its functioning.

It has a low-calorie content; therefore, you will hardly accumulate fat levels, and apart from this, it is rich in fibers! If you start an oatmeal diet, you will see significant positive changes in your health. 

Green Tea

This drink is an excellent antioxidant; you’ll feel younger and fuller of life! It has almost no calories in it, so just like oatmeal, you won’t gain any fat.


Walnuts; according to studies, they are perfect for your health, they will make you reduce all those extra calories in your body! They will even help you greatly to improve your physical shape.



Surely, you’ve ever hated eating soup. Many people agree that it’s not necessary, and it’s even “boring.”

Yes! They get bored with a meal. However, the soup is delicious, combine water, the naturally healthy liquid substance that is indispensable for all living things, along with foods rich in vitamins and energy, such as chicken, potatoes, and carrots. You’ll lose those fats you’ve had quickly!


One of the most famous vegetables in the world. Carrots attribute a lot to weight loss, if you eat this product often, you will not only notice that your body is improving, but you will also become more active in mind and immune system! 

Coconut Oil

Several studies determined that the foods sprayed with this oil, contribute beneficially to your body. You will be healthy, physically, and mentally!


Potatoes are, along with carrots, one of the indispensable ingredients added in homemade soups. These two make a perfect combination for your body! They have deficient calorie levels so you don’t have to worry because you’ll get fat. On the contrary

Dark chocolate

Surprised? Dark chocolate is an excellent ally if you want to lose weight! Surprisingly for most people, this product burns calories to a large extent and gives you a reasonably fast energy level. Just enough to be able to perform the most complex tasks and activities! Try it, and you’ll see significant advances! But remember to be cautious, everything in excess is wrong.


Vegetables are naturally the best supplement for us. They bring beneficial nutrients in all aspects, do not possess many calories, and will help you to be always healthy and increase your sickness resistance. 


Considering all the above, we will surely be running to prepare ourselves to start our new daily routine, however. We haven’t told you something to keep in mind!

It’s not as easy as we told you, there is an enemy for us that will prevent us from starting this routine. It will do everything possible to keep us firm and fascinated by unhealthy foods! That enemy is a food craving.

How to reduce appetite and food cravings? 

Food cravings are a fierce rival to keep in mind. They will try to tempt you to continue eating all those foods that only harm you!
Moods, feelings, and thoughts, energize cravings. We need to find something to take shelter with and reduce all the evils we suffer or are going through. Generally, we always go to junk food, sugars, and all kinds of processed food, this for their level of pleasure in our organism!

But how do we fight them?

It’s complicated because it gives us the evil of cravings. Cravings are another of our enemies, and they go hand in hand with anxiety! These two antagonists will require us to eat tasty foods to satisfy ourselves.

Besides, mitigate everything we feel and want, because if we don’t, the adverse effects on us will be: Irritability, headaches, uncontrolled anger, among other harmful effects for emotional health.

How to detect that we’re addicts to unhealthy food intake that make us crave it:

do not eat for emotional reasons, you can stop hunger
Don’t eat nervously
  • Lack of control: When we don’t eat what we usually do, we start to feel uncomfortable, upset, and we turn to anger. Getting off our anger with everyone else. 
  • Obsession: By not eating these foods, you will be in constant thought about what you will eat and when you will eat. 
  • Guilt: When you eat something inside, you are still aware of what you are doing. That’s why you have a feeling of irresponsibility and guilt because you’re hurting yourself.
  • You need to eat more: The most obvious point that you are suffering from an addiction when you spend several hours after having already consumed food and that desire to consume more comes back. Here you must already know that you are suffering from an addiction! You must be careful! Otherwise, this will prevent you from achieving your desired goal. 

So how do we get rid of the food cravings?


The answer is not so simple, we all have a different organism and different capacities. Even so, with effort and dedication, you can overcome your obsession with food. Try to change the foods you eat every day for the ones we’ve told you before. You’ll see how your body gradually adapts to this new lifestyle!

What happens is that your body gets used to its environment if you take that away; this will show abrupt changes in your daily life. To avoid this, try to change things in small details. That is to say, change the natural chocolates for black chocolates, change the fast foods for vegetables; the chocolates of parsley, cilantro, and lettuces are good, they are quite exquisite! 

Eggs help a lot, but don’t abuse them because of their high cholesterol level, try to eat some a week, this will help you in what you are seeking.

Drink plenty of water too! One of the things we don’t know is that sometimes we tend to confuse Thirst with Hunger, drinking water when we feel thirsty is a great trick to alleviate that sensation! Didn’t you know it? Put it to the test, and you’ll see significant changes in your life!


There are great ways and methods to lose weight. One of them is possible to stop eating such a statement is difficult and unlikely. But it is not entirely true! 

The answer is that you can stop eating, but only the foods that negatively affect your body. You can eat, but the foods that bring benefits and don’t harm you are usually the ones that have a reasonably low-calorie level. It’s as if you stop eating while you’re eating! 

Try to change that lifestyle habit for a more vegetarian one, we recommend eating wholemeal bread (with moderation), vegetables, adding skimmed dairy products and fish. You will eat and lose weight at the same time!

stop hunger
Get the body you want

You’ll get the weight and shape you want!!