Improve your mood

Exercise helps your body and mind, as well as your mood.


Improving your mood is something you can achieve (pregnancy, menopause, etc…), overcoming depression is also possible if you exercise your body. You can start exercising even if you’ve never done it before, we teach you in this article.

First, you need to know that when you exercise your body, you not only improve your mood, improve your attention, and build more gray matter. Instead of acting as separate entities, or even working in opposition, the brain and body communicate constantly and feed each other.

Exercise induces positive changes within the brain when you exercise regularly.

Benefits of exercise to improve our mood

Dr. J. Carson Smith, professor of kinesiology at the University of Maryland, says it is scientifically proven that people who have been physically active all their adult lives are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety or cognitive problems.

Regular exercise can improve mood, increase resistance to stress, and slow down the effects of aging on our brains. the benefits of training on the heart and muscles are the same for the brain.

For example, exercise helps control blood glucose and improve insulin sensitivity, which is critical in controlling blood sugar and leading to a slimmer has also been shown that the higher the blood sugar, the faster the cognitive decline.

Don't be sad
Fight depression

What are the emotional imbalances, causes of mood swings?

Depression is a major health epidemic in the world, a high percentage of the population suffers at least one depressive episode a year, with twice as many women affected as men. Anxiety disorders also affect 30% of the population at some point in their lives.


The premenstrual syndrome, the winter, Monday’s arrival, the end of the holidays… these moments of discouragement are understandable.

improve your mood

“Exercise has a very strong effect on improving mood, reducing anxiety and increasing feelings of relaxation,” says Smith. A study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine examined a group of people with depression and prescribed one of four treatment options: exercise at home, antidepressant medication or a placebo.

After four months, the supervised exercise groups and the medication group had the highest (and almost equal) remission rates, followed by the home exercise group.

How can I be happier attending the gym?

improve your mood attending the gym
If you exercise you will improve your mood (by Giphy).

Most of the research on exercise and brain function has always focused on aerobic exercise. But weights are just as effective, and a combination of the two creates a synergy that is much better, as well as helping you lose weight.

Dr. Smith says endurance exercise is as effective as aerobic one, whether it’s cognitive function or mood regulation. In studies of cognition in older people, when resistance exercise is combined with aerobic exercise, stronger effects are obtained.

If you go to the gym, improving your mood is possible.

How can I be happier naturally?

Exercise is an incredible way to improve our mood, but there are others. Here are a few that work very effectively:



been with a group of friends will make you feel better.

Try to surround yourself with people who love you, don’t push them away just because you feel bad. These people who love you will always try to make you feel good – and believe me they will!

Be thankful

Be thankful

Maybe right now you feel like the most unfortunate and unlucky person in the world, but believe me, you are not. A very powerful exercise that will make you feel good is giving thanks.

  • Be thankful for the people who love you (even if you think they don’t).
  • Also be thankful for what you have (even if you think it is not enough), there are many people who have less than you.
  • You’re a great person and you should be thankful for that too.
  • You have the ability to forgive those who have hurt you (do it and you’ll feel great).
  • Be thankful for the mistakes you have made, you already have the experience not to make them anymore.
  • Thank you for being alive, you will have enough time to solve everything you think you have done wrong.

Do you need more reasons to be grateful? There are… Look within.

Techniques that will make you feel good, control your mood

change your mood

For this there are several very effective ways that may seem absurd. They work for me and change my mood immediately.

  • Listen to a very lively song or one that brings back great memories, it will change your mood in a matter of seconds.
  • Think of the smile of a baby, it will seem absurd, but only to see a baby smile is very powerful. I guarantee you won’t be able to avoid a smile.
  • Listen to a monologue or jokes, this works wonderfully well for me, even in the worst of times. Laughter is the best way to make you feel better.
  • Think of something wonderful that’s happened to you in your life. Your child’s birth, the best moments with your partner, your parents’ or grandparents’ affection, etc…


It’s a fact, even if you don’t want to accept it, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR MOOD. Even if you think that you are alone and that no one loves you, you have to know that this is not the case.

I once read that a person who is depressed has the same effect as a jihadist who immolates himself. The damage it causes is exponential, the closer you are to the more damage it causes.

Don’t let people who love you and surround you be affected because you don’t feel well. Ask for help if you need it – you’ll get it!