The Secrets of How To Lose Weight Without Exercising,

losing weight without exercise

Wondering how to lose weight without exercising? Read this.

Losing weight without exercising? One of the most common drawbacks today, which is why there are so many overweight problems, is the bad eating habit we have from the early days of adolescence to much of our lives as adults.

It is no secret to anyone that we enjoy and crave all kinds of sweet and sugary foods, such as ice cream, chocolates, soft drinks, sweets and other diversities that give us pleasure and pleasure.

However there is a consequence due to these habits and is that we begin to accumulate weight as we ingest them, this leads us to feel physically different and feel strange about ourselves.

A large part of consumers, feeling or being cataloged as “fat people” tend to do something about it and join a gym to lose weight.

But what’s so true about this? What if we told you it might be possible to lose weight without exercising? In this article we will analyze several elements that will help us to know our body better.

Should I join a gym?

lose weight without exercise, should I join a gym?

It is well known that the countries with the most obese or overweight people are the United States and Mexico.

In these countries, along with all the others in which this condition is present, the inhabitants usually register in the gym to lose weight on the basis of constant physical exercise.

Even culturally, both young people and adults have as a response to weight loss sign up for one so that with gymnastics these calories are lost.

But what’s so true about it? Previously very little was known about the human body and its health, today it is known that there are various mechanisms and situations in which the body may react differently than expected.

Going to the gym can be annoying for some because it would mean an economic cost and a cost of time, many obese people tend to be also somewhat lazy in terms of physical efforts, so going to a gym does not sound very pleasant.

In addition, it is emphasized that obesity brings with it cardiac and respiratory problems, which are complications that limit the body when it comes to training.

Do I diet?

losing weight without exercise, dieting

Commonly the diet also tends to be in the mouth of opinions and responses of all to this issue, many believe that by preparing mentally and following a strict diet you can lose weight.

But is it functional? Some take longer to notice positive changes in their body, while others don’t even notice any change at all.

So why does this happen? Very simple, there are several types of behaviors and differences in the human body.

In other words; we do not all have the same body type since there are three (3) types of metabolism in the human being.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions handled by our body, a complex system of processes in cells that physically changes the body.

The 3 types of metabolism that influence our organism and physically manage the structure of our bodies are:

  1. The Ectomorph
  2. The Mesomorph.
  3. The Endomorph.

We will explain each of them below.

What are the Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph metabolisms? Is it necessary to know them?

Each of us has in our bodies each of these metabolisms.

You could tell them they’re like the weather seasons in a year. They are cycles that pass over our organism and change our physical appearance.

Being cycles; it means that they change as we go through our lives.

However, its duration is varied and it may take years to change from one stage to another.

It is even scientifically known that there are people who in all their lives do not change these metabolisms.

Nowadays the answer is almost a mystery, however it is believed that it is due to the lifestyle that each one of them possesses.


ectomorph woman

Ectomorphs by nature are slim and almost without any muscles at a glance, no matter how much they eat they will never gain weight or gain weight.

Frequently an Ectomorphic person tends to emphasize phrases such as “No matter how much I eat, I won’t get fat” or “No matter how much I eat, I won’t get fat”.

Ectomorphic people are thin all over their body; arms, legs, shoulders and other limbs also possess this characteristic.

People with this type of organism, it is very difficult to gain weight and muscles, so it is very rare to see someone with this type.


mesomorph woman

On the other hand we have the Mesomorphs, this type of organism is the intermediate between the Ectomorphs and Endomorphs, is characterized by having ease in gaining muscle mass.

People of this type of nature are usually sportsmen, athletes, or bodybuilders due to accelerated muscle gain and dazzling physical structure.

It shares a certain similarity to the Ectomorphs in nutritional terms, no matter how much they eat they will not accumulate much fat, given that their body lives very active and releases it quickly with exercise.

However, Mesomorphic people, by neglecting their active life habit, are prone to gain weight and suffer from overweight.

This is because they are part of the next stage of metabolism; the Endomorphs.


endomorph woman

Endomorphs are people who easily accumulate fat in their bodies, they are obese and fat people.

This type is characterized by obesity and the ability to gain accelerated fatty volume in the body.

It is very difficult for these people to lose fat, and although there are some who do not ingest much, they will gain body volume very quickly.

These people often before used to be Mesomorphs.

These, by neglecting their habit of life, began to accumulate fats and accumulations of sugars in their body, so they suffered this situation of fatness and overweight.

However, it is possible to be born Endomorphic.

Hay muchos casos en los cuales de niños y adolescentes, las personas sufrían de sobrepeso y por ende, les impedía adelgazar o tener un mejor estilo de vida más saludable.

Additional information on these metabolisms

This information is extremely important to know because it will help us to know how we will develop in our daily lives.

Ectomorphs can easily eat a good amount of food without worrying because they will gain weight.

Almost all Mesomorphs by birth are great athletes and require high amounts of protein and fat in order to have energy.

Endomorphs are obese no matter how much food they eat.

How can I forcé myself to lose weight?. Habits that we must follow!

Knowing the previous things. What kind of habit do we need to have to get a better healthy lifestyle?

It is known that in order to stay healthy, we must not be too thin or too obese.

In other words, to be basically Mesomorphic people, given that it is the middle ground of both parties.

If we are very thin we can suffer complications in our health, since we will be exposed to get sick very easily.

This happens because we will have a weak and fragile immune system against any type of virus, bacteria and hereditary diseases.

At the same time, people with extreme thinness, often have sensory and balance problems, may suffer fainting and dizziness more frequent than any other type.

It is known that many of those who have ever suffered a considerable disease, have been due to having a weak immune system because of poor nutrition.

On the other hand, obese people have a long medical history in which they lead the number 1 cause of most frequent human deaths.

Heart attacks, it is well known that the greater the obesity, the greater the likelihood of suffering a fulminating blow to the heart.

It is therefore necessary to have a balanced life between food and exercise, however the latter can be questioned.

Exercising or just walking?

losing weight without exercise, walking


Today it has been discovered, thanks to medicine and medical advances, that it is not completely necessary to exercise every day and to constantly demand oneself in bodily or physical terms.

The human body can perform the same calorie burning as any other type of exercise or sport with just a few walks a day.

According to experts, walking 1 hour a day, helps the body to release a large part of fatty deposits in the body, it is not known with certainty what is the minimum in which the body eliminates a considerable amount of fat a day.

It is only known that the time limit or accurate parameters are around one hour time. Walking helps us in our health, eliminates fat and frees us from all that energy accumulated in the body.

It should be noted that walking is not the same as jogging or running, the amount of physical effort presented will be different in each of them.

It is not recommended for obese people neither to jog nor much less running..

losing weight without exercise, running

But, why?

By performing both of these actions the body will react noisily, seeking oxygen and recovering lost air.

The greater the fatness, the more complicated it is, which is why it will be an enormous effort to carry out such a simple task.

This would lead to the heart and lungs agitating and pressing hard, increasing the chances of a heart attack.

According to experts in the matter, the recommended thing is simply to walk and not to be agitated nor to be demanded too much. The body itself will do what is necessary for its sustenance.


In terms of food, it is recommended to avoid eating all types of processed foods, with high amounts of sugars and fats.

Eating fruits and vegetables is best for these situations.

These have by nature a great diversity of chemical substances that help the body to decrease its volume.

As with the body’s metabolism, fruits and vegetables equally bring their own metabolic characteristic.

They strengthen the immune system and blood circulation in the body apart from other health benefits.

It is pointed out that the daily consumption of processed products, sugars and fats, brings with it a considerable increase in physical structure.

To avoid this, a decrease in the consumption of these items would bring improvements to the body. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it is the first to be eaten.

So… What could we eat?

Eating properly will help us lose weight without exercising, a good breakfast, for example.

The truth is that the Bread is probably one of the most indispensable foods in the breakfast given to its great energetic contribution as much physical as intellectually, it allows to the organism a considerable yield that no other food to early hours could give.

The bread can be accompanied by other types of foods such as dairy and fruits, a bread with cheese with a milkshake of pears or apples, bring abundant vitamins and improvements to health.

If this process is repeated over several days, quite visible changes in physical and hormonal appearance will be noticed. Not to mention the immune system, which will fully benefit from this energy source.

Absorption of fats by our body

Let’s remember that the body absorbs all the proteins and chemical compounds we eat, it will extract what it needs and wants and will eliminate or discard what it doesn’t need.

However, this is not the case with fat; the organisms that do not have the capacity to discard it, absorb it and accumulate it throughout the body, increasing its mass.

Where does all that absorbed fat go?

The truth is that all that fat not discarded, accumulates in our extremities, in our stomach and also; around the heart.

This vital organ needs space to be able to pump and beat, but as it accumulates in its area, its radius is reduced and with each beat it will “collide” with these fatty accumulations, preventing each time its level of rhythm.

There are ways to undo all that kind of accumulated fat, such as “Liposuction”, but it is not fully functional or recommended unless it is already an extreme case or of last resort.

Knowing all this information, we ask ourselves the question we asked ourselves at the beginning.

Can you lose weight without exercise?

The answer won’t be the same for everyone.
As we explained in the previous information, not all of us have the same body or the same characteristics.

It is therefore impossible for one person to have the same situations and circumstances as others.

However, we know for sure that going to the gym or exercising is not the only cause why a body will lose weight or lose weight.

Weight loss due to illness

There are many types of situations in which a person would lose weight considerably, among them would be the causes of some type of disease.

Diseases contribute to the first impression more seen by someone who has been obese and time after is thin, other situations similar to these tend to be infectious problems or of origin with parasites.

Parasites affect all organisms, both humans and animals and are one of the most frequent causes by which it slims, they look for any type of food consumed in our body and prevents us from absorbing it, for them to feed on them.


Beyond these situations, we find ourselves with the daily lifestyle that we possess.

Sleeping, the times we eat, how much we eat, and our stress level.

But… Can we lose weight without exercising by changing our lifestyle?

It is firmly known that not sleeping, brings great consequences to the health and it slims us notoriously. There are people who can lose up to 1 kg a day by not sleeping properly.

The hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner also influence us in our organism, a change in the alimentary hour alters us the capacity to fatten or to slim down indispensable in anyone of both parts.

In this case, it is recommended to respect the time in which you must eat these 3 basic foods, breakfast at early hours, lunch at or after noon and dinner and finishing the afternoon.

Remember that we can also eat other kinds of food known as “snacks”, these can be intervals between one of the basic foods and the other.

Cereals are widely recommended by experts and doctors for good management in the nutritional lifestyle, they bring considerable sources of vitamins and energy, with a diverse content of supplements for the body itself.

Does drinking water make you getting slimmer?

drinking water

Scientifically it can be affirmed that to drink water helps to lose weight,but Why? Mainly because water is the liquid solvent by nature.

Water helps to reduce the amount of clogged fats in our bodies, however this does not mean that to lose weight you must drink large amounts of water a day.

One myth that is quite common is that of the 7 (Complete) glasses of water daily at least, this is actually false.

A person does not actually drink as many liters of water a day, one tip for this is to drink 30 minutes before each meal a little water, this will help the metabolism to prepare to digest the food.

It is recommended that whenever you are eating any type of food, you also drink water.

Water will always be essential to lose weight, in fact 1 glass of water helps more to lose weight than 1 glass of beaten fruit.

This is because water alone will be more efficient than if it is liquefied with a fruit.

If you eat 3 or more meals a day, accompanied by 1 glass of water, you will contribute significantly to weight loss.

Knowing all this, we ask ourselves. How effective is it? As we know, it won’t be the same for everyone.

However the result could always be the same in the end, some take longer than others to notice significant changes in the body.

This is because of the above, the type of body, whether it is Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic or Endomorphic.

From this will depend on the type of life you have and the behavior of your body in reaction to this.

What is recommended to lose weight without exercising?

Nutritional Habits

In view of all the above recommended points, change your current lifestyle; if you are obese, drink more water and add it at mealtime.

Avoid eating so many sugars, sweets and fats

In Latin American countries is associated with the culprit or cause of the fat, the famous “Fritura” which is all kinds of food based on abundance of oil for frying, basically all food to oil.

The oil is one of the protagonists that lead the body to gain weight.

A decrease in oil consumption can benefit the body and effective and advantageous results in a matter of days.
Sleeping hours have always been said to be at least 8 hours.

But again this is not entirely true, it will depend on everyone.

There are people whose lifestyle is active; a lot of work, a lot of energy loss, a lot of movement and, finally, a constant cycle of hustle and bustle.

Getting enough sleep

getting enough sleep

This type of person will need to rest for at least 8 hours, otherwise it is possible that he suffers an altercation in his organism.

On the other hand we have people who do not usually make much physical effort during the day, therefore almost do not lose so much energy.

It is known that physical exertion is usually more exhausting than intellectual exertion, yet both exertions exhaust the body.

This type of people with few hours of sleep, usually between 4 to 7 hours are enough to keep the body “normal” without losing the usual quality.

As we said, not sleeping or sleeping little, is one of the problems that affects whether you are obese or thin.

The reason for this is a mystery but it is believed to be by alteration in metabolism, the body will believe that there was a change and will not know exactly whether it is in Ectomorph or Endomorph, will pass from one opposite pole to the other and vice versa.

It should be noted that an Ectomorphic person will not be immune to being Endomorphic because the cycle may change or undergo a drastic change.

There are people that in their childhood and preadolescence were Endomorphs and already in their adult stage they change to be Ectomorphs; that is to say they went from being obese to thin without having practiced some sport or constant exercise.

Tips to add to daily living habits:

Walk at least 1 hour total throughout the day.

walk to lose weight without exercise

It is not necessary to go out to the street or to a park and literally walk for exactly 1 hour to burn the calories, in fact it is known that in the course of the day you can walk quietly for more than 1 hour.

It does not necessarily have to be at once, if during every day one walks around this calculated time, the organism will react positively to the desired thing.

Drinking water while eating any type of food, especially at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Once again we emphasize that water is fundamental for the body and helps considerably in the loss of fat.

It is not scientifically proven whether drinking water after drinking another drink contributes to the same effect as with food.

It is known that there are people who claim that drinking water during meals or other types of drinks has helped them to lose weight.

As for the temperature of the water, it is appropriate that it be boiled water; after filtering it, the filtered water cleans and purifies this liquid of any external solid substance, such as stones, sands, dirt, etcetera.

However, filtering it does not kill bacteria, it is necessary to boil it to avoid contracting some kind of infectious disease in our body.

Returning to temperature, it is recommended that the water be cold or at least to the taste of the consumer; if the water is hot or below room temperature, it will not contribute to what the body is asking for.

Drinking coffee daily.

Although several studies have been done and none have shown it to be true, the truth is that there is something curious about people who drink coffee and those who do not.

Those who consume daily quantities of coffee tend to be thinner than those who do not drink coffee.

But, why?

There are no concrete answers about this, but it is believed that drinking coffee contributes to weight loss due to the properties it brings.

However, do not abuse the consumption of this food, the healthiest thing is to drink coffee without any added chemicals, without caffeine and as natural as possible.

It is recommended to drink at least 2 small cups of black coffee daily, accompanied by one or two teaspoons of sugar or sweetener to taste.

If you add this new lifestyle to people who are obese and do not consume coffee, it is possible that in a matter of weeks they will begin to notice significant changes in their body.

It is pointed out that coffee gives us energy and helps us stay active and strong during the beginning of the day.

Decrease the intake of sugars, sweets and oil-based foods. (Fries)

These 3 protagonists are responsible for making the body fat and full of fatty accumulations.

If ingested frequently, we will gain weight quite quickly and it will be difficult to lose it if we do not reduce its consumption.

For many, fried foods, such as fried potatoes accompanied with a hamburger, banana oil, eggs, among other types of oily dishes, delight and satisfy them.

Especially sugars and sweets, but all this is harmful and affects us negatively in our organism.

It is well known that chocolate brings benefits to our body; it is the main aphrodisiac for humans by nature, but its consumption should be moderate.

It is recommended to ingest it from time to time at least 1 or 2 times per month.

If this is taken into consideration, it increases the chance of losing weight in a matter of weeks.

Avoiding stress and bad emotions

Stress is a state of mental fatigue that overwhelms us and limits our daily productivity. This state alters us, affects us negatively and reduces our performance.

Stress can affect both thin and obese people.

It affects us all, it can make the thin ones fat unexpectedly, while in the case of the obese, it can accelerate and contribute more to fattening.

There are many cases in which people who suffer from sadness, melancholy or depression tend to gain weight easily, this is because they tend to eat pleasant products such as sugars or fats.

To be able to live healthier, it is recommended to avoid feeling bad emotions or events that can generate stress. Try to live as calmly as possible and stay away from negative or unpleasant situations.


you can lose weight without exercising

Having seen all the information provided, we can conclude that there are many factors that can cause a human being to lose weight.

Whether for good or for bad, as in the case of diseases, the lifestyle is the world in which a person unfolds and will rule over all of us.

The eating habits will contribute positively as negatively in the organism and from there it will be decided if we will be thin or obese.

As we said before, there are many ways in which you lose weight and you don’t need to exercise.

Exercise or sport contribute to fat loss because we demand that the body eliminate all the fat we have accumulated.

This is not 100% recommended as there are people who suffer some inconvenience that limit you to go to a gym or do some sport.

With this in mind it can be said that exercise or sport is not the only solution to lose weight, the real answer would be the change of daily life that we would have to do to lose weight.

In other words, improve the type of food we are eating and switch to another type that we have not tried or have stopped trying.

Consulting a nutritionist would be a big step if we want to lose weight without exercising.


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